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When vandals strike, Pillar Professionals are ready. We're your source for immediate residential, commercial, business, and industrial vandalism cleanup. We'll get rid of the mess on your property and put your life back in order.

PILLAR Professionals work directly with your insurer from start to finish. We work with all insurance carriers to resolve your vandalism damage.

Don't Wait To Get Help

The longer you wait, the more difficult vandalism cleanup becomes. When paint, food, or waste are allowed remain on a surface for any length of time, they can damage the underlying surfaces, making stains harder to remove.

There are also community ordinances requiring property owners to remove all graffiti promptly. If graffiti remains on the property, you could be fined for noncompliance, adding insult to injury.

Delay Puts You At Risk

Waiting to get help is asking for more trouble. Vandalized property invites more vandals, even burglars, to take advantage of the situation and to exploit and deface the site even further. Additional damages make the property more costly to clean up.

As long as your property remains in a vandalized state, it looks unsafe and uninviting. Customers won't want to visit the premises. Vandalism damages make your property and the neighborhood appear blighted and neglected.

Call Pillar Resources Now

If your property has been defaced by graffiti, suffered broken windows, been pelted with food, littered with human or animal waste, victimized by burglars, or otherwise abused, call PILLAR right away. Extreme weather makes it even more imperative to act quickly because weather conditions can worsen existing damages.

Don't try to clean up the mess by yourself; you could easily make matters worse. The wrong cleaning agents, tools, or equipment can cause paints and food to adhere to surfaces. Don't use damaged electrical items; they can easily cause fires. Finally, don't throw anything away. Small pieces of broken items may be needed for repairs.

The sooner you take action by calling us, the faster we can implement our professional vandalism cleanup services and return your premises to pre-loss condition.

PILLAR’s vandalism cleanup services are centered on restoration. Our goal is to restore your property to its original, pre-vandalism condition. Best of all, you don't have to give us any money to begin the vandalism restoration, you'll only pay your insurance deductible.

Professional & Effective Vandalism Cleanup

Graffiti paints and organic substances are not easy to erase. Spray paints can be especially challenging to remove. Power washing and high pressure cleaning equipment are mandatory. The right cleaning agents and solvents are essential for vandalism cleanup. Graffiti paint can be anything at all, but PILLAR RESOURCES will identify it and, whatever it is, we know how to get rid of it.

PILLAR Professionals analyze the substance and determine which cleaning methods are suited to the type of stain and the surface being treated. Great care must be taken to ensure that both the tools and the chemicals are appropriate to the paint, food, and surfaces involved in the stain.