The most important factor in the success of our company is our people. Our company’s philosophy is to work together to share mutual trust and respect, to encourage open and honest communication, and to foster associate involvement and initiative at all levels. At PILLAR Resources, we believe this type of environment enhances work relationships necessary to promote high levels of associate engagement and customer satisfaction and ensure the long-term economic viability of the company.

PILLAR RESOURCES is a company with many great services. The key to developing our services and sustainable growth rests in understanding and following The PILLAR Commitment. At PILLAR, it's not so much what we do that sets our company apart, it's how we do what we do.

The PILLAR Commitment is more than just words on the wall. It is designed to serve as a guide for making everyday decisions. All of us at PILLAR RESOURCES share a common goal and are accountable to live The PILLAR Commitment on a daily basis.

By executing on our company values we bring to life our core objectives to help people develop, excel with customers and grow profitably.

We recognize that our associates are the critical link to the satisfaction and retention of our customers. When we provide our associates with the appropriate knowledge and skills they will take care of our customers, which, in turn leads to growing profitably.

Our People

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