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The National Accounts Division at PILLAR is a dynamic team of marketing professionals with a singular purpose: To open lines of communication between PILLAR Professionals and insurance companies across the nation.

Our goal is to maximize the satisfaction of insurance companies and customers by developing and managing business-to-business relationships within the insurance industry. PILLAR’s National Accounts Guidelines help ensure certain standards are met, including:

  • Quality assurance through internal audits.

  • Background checks on all Professionals and temporary personnel.

  • Detailed communication between area PILLAR offices and insurance agent or adjuster.

  • Completed job files for proof of work.

Also, PILLAR enacts specialized training and promotes adherence to IICRC Standards, so you can expect expert cleaning and restoration services wherever needed.

Our National Accounts Managers are ready to assist insurance professionals with any questions they may have about PILLAR. You can reach the PILLAR National Accounts Division at (888) 384-2030.

National Accounts