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PILLAR Resources LLC. has a reputation in the region as a Plumbing Contractor of Excellence.  PILLAR is the first choice for Kitchen and Remodel Plumbing Services.

As a leading local Kitchen and Remodel Plumbing Services Company, we provide full service repair and installation. 

One of our Kitchen Plumbing PILLAR Professionals can be dispatched to address your residential problem - generally the same day. 

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Nothing upgrades the look of your home like a kitchen remodel.  Kitchen remodeling gives you more space to store dishes, food and utensils.  Kitchen remodeling increases the value of your home.

Kitchen remodeling upgrades your kitchen plumbing.  Sometimes you need kitchen plumbing repairs or replacement for new kitchen appliances.  Old kitchen plumbing leaks and lowers water pressure.

With kitchen remodeling we will repair or replace your kitchen plumbing.

Taking on a kitchen remodeling project is a huge task. 
Partner with PILLAR Resources on your next kitchen remodeling project.

Kitchen Plumbing Repair

Your kitchen plumbing is the life blood of your kitchen.  Kitchen plumbing must be addressed before a kitchen remodel.  Kitchen plumbing can leak water onto your kitchen floor.  Leaky kitchen plumbing can cause water build up under your sink.  The water will soften the wood of your under-sink.  The water can leak onto the kitchen floor loosening floor tiles or damage hardwoods.

Our PILLAR Professionals will repair your toughest kitchen plumbing problems.  Don’t waste time and energy trying to repair your kitchen plumbing.  Trust the best local kitchen plumbing experts. •    Kitchen Plumbing Repair and Replacement
•    Kitchen Drain Clearing
•    Kitchen Plumbing Inspection
•    Dishwasher Plumbing Repair

We are experts when it comes to icemaker line repair and service.

Kitchen Sinks and Plumbing Fixtures You need your kitchen sink plumbing to work properly for your kitchen remodel.  Putting in a new kitchen sink with leaky pipes will waste time and money.  When kitchen sink plumbing doesn’t work right, drain backups can happen.  Kitchen sink plumbing must handle foods, greases and oils.  It’s easy to overlook the importance of your kitchen sink plumbing. In older homes, kitchen sink plumbing affects your garbage disposal.  Your garbage disposal can develop build-up from greases, fats and certain foods like rice. This build up will eventually affect your kitchen plumbing.  Your drain and garbage disposal becomes clogged, backing up your kitchen sink.  At PILLAR, we’ll repair or replace your kitchen sink plumbing.  We’ll make sure your kitchen sink, garbage disposal and dishwasher work properly.

•    Plumbing Repair and Replacement
•    Kitchen Sink Re-Piping • New Kitchen Sink Faucet
•    Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation
•    Dishwasher Repair and Installation
•    Kitchen Sink Plumbing Inspection
•    Add clean out to your kitchen sink drain and replace P-Trap under kitchen sink

Are you stuck on how to remodel your kitchen?  Do you need kitchen remodeling ideas that’ll help your kitchen stand out and add home value?  PILLAR Resources offers kitchen remodeling ideas, design, and planning.  Our kitchen remodeling ideas help you get started with your kitchen remodel.

No one knows kitchen plumbing and kitchen remodeling ideas like PILLAR Resources.  We help our customers decide on kitchen layouts, kitchen appliances and kitchen plumbing supplies.  With our kitchen remodeling ideas you’ll have a kitchen that’s functional and energy efficient.

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PILLAR Resources LLC is licensed, bonded and insured and your first choice for Kitchen Plumbing Services and Remodel Plumbing Services.  PILLAR is the local Kitchen and Remodel Plumbing Service Company you can trust.