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At PILLAR RESOURCES, LLC giving back to the communities we serve is more than just a responsibility and a commitment — it's a privilege. In addition to financial resources, PILLAR employees routinely give their time and energy to community services and projects through volunteer programs. The strong, caring culture at PILLAR fosters such volunteer efforts.

We Serve

By supporting organizations both internally and externally that improve quality of life for residents in the communities where we live and work.

We Share

By supporting educational programs in our local communities and on a national level which will ensure sustainability and continued improvement of the communities we serve in the coming generations and by forming strategic partnerships with organizations that share our values and, as a result build goodwill in the community.

We Care

By demonstrating one of our core values – we care about people - we seek to enhance our associate experience by recognizing the value our volunteers bring to their communities by volunteerism and by creating a workplace in which creativity, diversity and respect for others are valued – the best place to work.

Our commitment to community starts at the top of the organizational chart and extends to every employee in the company. We believe that the result of our service will be seen in the changed lives of others.

All volunteer efforts and community service activities are advocated and encouraged by PILLAR RESOURCES leadership, whether through official company-sponsored volunteer programs or informal grass-roots efforts. At PILLAR, we realize that our people want to make a difference on the job and off the job, too. Contributions are made through a corporate program and through an employee giving program.

How to request support or financial contributions

If your organization fits our areas of focus, please email your request to

Financial grants, charitable product donations, and volunteer requests are accepted throughout the year and will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Decisions are made within 30-90 days from receipt of the proposals and applicants are notified in writing of the decision. Please do not phone for status of your request. All requests must be submitted via email for consideration.