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PILLAR’s Emergency Response Program delivers the utmost amount of disaster readiness for our clients on a local and national level. By pre-planning together in advance of a crisis, a more comprehensive and customized emergency response is realized, thus reducing property damage and business interruption.

In the majority of disasters, business interruption and consequential damage can be far more serious than the purely physical losses. The loss of records, the disruption or cessation of business and the erosion of staff and customer confidence can be fatal. Therefore, it is crucial to re-establish your operational capability as quickly as possible.

PILLAR’s Emergency Response Program can help limit the financial and personal devastation by providing you with:

  • Priority response in a regional catastrophic event

  • The experience and knowledge of a leader in disaster recovery

  • Support from multiple offices and locations

  • Assurance that multiple facilities are responded to in the same consistent, professional manner

PILLAR has a level of service to meet the diverse needs of a wide variety of organizations. Through our Emergency Response Program, mission-critical needs and priorities are identified in advance. Valuable time coordinating immediate response measures can instead be focused on restarting operations.

PILLAR RESOURCES is poised to mobilize from multiple locations in response to accidents, natural disasters and catastrophe with the most comprehensive array of recovery services, from damage mitigation to complete restoration.

To ensure you’re established in PILLAR’s Emergency Response Program in advance of disaster, call our corporate office at 1-888-384-2030.

Emergency Response