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PILLAR Resources LLC is involved with many community projects, worthy causes and important initiatives that put our corporate values into action every day.  We believe that it's important to reinvest in the communities in which we conduct business.  One of the most impactful ways to reinvest in our communities is by getting involved toward "Making a Difference".  We encourage all of our Pillar Professionals to become involved in our communities and share in various ways.

Pillar's Community Involvement strategy aligns what we do best to the greatest need – with a sharp focus on outcomes. It encompasses our annual Day Of Volunteering, as well as our skills-based volunteering, workplace giving program, nonprofit service and financial contributions. Creating real and measurable impact isn’t just a goal – it’s an imperative aspect of community reinvestment. We cultivate a corporate culture of leaders and professionals who contribute their time, innovative thinking and specialized skills to help nonprofits advance their missions.

Community Involvement